Jo-Co Pools Inground Pool Openings

Daniel and Stephen

Daniel and Stephen

When you call to schedule an inground pool opening, you will most likely get the standard two-visit pool opening.  On the first day, Stephen and his co-worker will remove the cover if necessary, getting as much debris as possible off of the cover, fold and put away in a bag if it is available.  Stephen then begins the task of vacuuming the bottom of the pool to waste with his own vacuum system.  This gets most of the sludge and settled debris out of your pool before we even turn your system on!  Getting this out of your pool means your pool will turn to that sparkling blue much sooner and will require less chemicals to do so.  While Stephen is vacuuming, his co-worker will be blowing or hosing off the deck and cleaning and putting down the anchors that have held the cover in place all winter. When the vacuuming is done, Stephen then brushes the walls to get any algae off and ready to be removed by the filter. Stephen then tests the water and adds chemicals to get the pH and alkalinity ready for tomorrow’s chlorine addition.  The ladders and handrails will then be installed if left out.  It is necessary that by the next day the pool water be half way into the skimmer, so Daniel can get the system running.

On Day 2, Daniel removes all plugs, installs all eyeballs, and turns the system on.  All equipment is examined and anything that needs to be replaced or repaired is noted and an estimate repair quote is prepared. The pool water is then tested again and the remaining start up chemicals are then added.

A pool opening is a process. It is very unlikely that the pool will turn clear and blue after the initial opening.  For your convenience, we offer a follow-up visit option for only $100. This follow up visit includes vacuuming, brushing the pool, cleaning the filter,  and adding additional chemicals.  This visit is usually the next week after the initial opening.  Some customers have us come every week until the pool gets to be the pretty blue they have been waiting for.



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